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What is that green blob over me? It is not in the photo taken just before this one, but its here… On Kissimmee Ghost Tour. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

What is that green blob over me? It is not in the photo taken just before this one, but its here… On Kissimmee Ghost Tour. Copyright 2010 Rochelle Paul

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How to take a Ghost Tour

When you look at the image you can see it, the light colored round dot that people keep telling you is dust, but you know better - its an orb - or in other words, a ghost.

Next time you come to Florida, after you’ve spent the day at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, spend the night time hours walking around town searching for ghosts. (bet you’ll even find a tour near your town)

Ghost tours will often include such places as train stations, their tracks & platforms. Being ready to be outside is important. Copyright 2009 Rochelle Paul.

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to. You secretly watch Ghost Adventures and dream of being locked down with Zac and the boys. Perhaps you occasionally call out to ghosts, hoping to see something or hearing something, maybe praying at the same time that you don’t.

The fact is, you’re fascinated with the idea of an afterlife and that perhaps ghosts, good, bad and otherwise are playing around here on earth.

So do something about it - take a Ghost Tour.

So now what do you do if you’ve signed up and are ready to bust some ghosts?

Here are a list of tips to help you get ready and get the most from your experience.

And hey, if you take a tour and catch a ghost - send me a picture - I may put it up. Share your experience & join the fun of looking for and communicating with ghosts.

Taking photos with and without people will get you a range of results. Copyright 2009 Rochelle Paul

Things to do when taking a Ghost Tour:

Wear comfortable clothes appropriate to the weather - you’ll be walking & standing for up to 2 hours.

Bring you camera - you may capture an awesome shot.

Bring extra batteries - there’s nothing worse than running out just when things get going. And since ghosts are believed to zap energy from us and our electronic equipment, having extras keeps you prepared

Bring plenty of space on your digital card or extra film - just like batteries, you don’t want to run out when things get going. An extra card or film is necessary. You’ll be taking a lot of “wild” or unplanned photos - that’s where digital is nice.

Go to the bathroom before you head off - just like mom & dad always used to say

Don’t go if you frighten easily - you’ll be walking dark streets, perhaps going into cemeteries and buildings believed to be haunted. If you spook, this isn’t the place for you - that said, if you can handle the dark and stories, you’ll have a blast.

Know your children - yes, many ghost tours are G-rated and likely children who like/love such tales will be find. But know your child. There’s nothing worse than getting out there and finding out too late they’ll spook & now have nightmares.

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Kissimmee Ghost Tours; A worthy walk with the dead

This week I’m honored to be Guest Blogger for Kissimmee, Florida’s CVB. Writing about things to do around town, I was trying to figure out something fun and unique, when I spotted a listing for Kissimmee Ghost Tours in the Kissimmee Area Guide (A must pick up guide!). There are two ghost tours, but the website for these guys really caught my attention.

I got ahold of owner, Bill, who invited Assistant Laura and I to join them for last night’s walk. (Remember, as a member of the media, I do get media credentials, this included). So off we go to Historic Kissimmee (never been, going back!) and the little Filling Station that was.

Set on the corner of Broadway & Dakin, this little building is perfect for such a business. Parking in back is perfect, and the setting seems as if planned in some long ago fate meeting. You’ll check in, there’s a bathroom for a final pit stop (get it!) and soda machine, if you wish to bring something with.

Then step outside and begin your journey with Kissimmee’s dead. (I won’t give things away, so you may proceed) This tour is a walking one, and while they advertise 90 minutes, ours lasted a solid 2 hours. You’ll walk the streets and areas of Kissimmee, so wear walking shoes, dress comfortably, and don’t be afraid of the dark. For guests with wheelchairs, my parents use electric carts, and I think they’d be very comfortable with this if the cart is fully charged.

The tour is G-rated, but know your child. This is about death, murder and ghosts told in the dark. Seriously, know your child. The pricing is great for kids (Adults $19, Children 8-12 $9, and 7 yrs and younger are free).

This night our guide was co-owner Ashley DeMent, and with two very nice couples along for the ride, one from Canada and one from Pennsylvania, we were on our way.

Right outside the fill’er up, you’ll start, soon heading for the Kissimmee Railroad Station, a quaint, traditional, historic setting, ready for a movie to film or ghosts to haunt. Ashley will tell you the tales and history, weaving in the spooky, and when she’s done, let you take some time to take your photos. Being a Florida Cracker (you’ll find out), Ashley’s a perfect guide. That she can tell a tale is a bonus.

Do bring your camera. I’ve heard some ghost hunters love film, others swear by digital. We all carried digital with the added feature of seeing right away. Bring plenty of Flash Card space and extra batteries. I forgot the extras and had to conserve.

While she talks you can take photos, which I did. May I suggest you do some simple point and shoot in a direction. Don’t necessarily aim other than a direction. Also, try to get some with people in them. Ghosts are believed to need our energy to be seen, so having people seems to bring them out.

And, try to take two or three in quick succession. You’ll often find nothing in 1 & 3, but something, or someone in 2. (you get the idea)

Our time at the Train Station was about the Civil War, and here I got my first ever orb. I mean, seriously cool! You see others, but now you get one! This is what you come for! A close encounter with another kind.

Then on to the library and its history. (I will not giving things away) I found this and a cafe ahead to stay with me, linger, their stories haunting. The library is especially haunted, and according to Ashley, even inside visits during the day will bring about paranormal activity. We’re thinking of going back.

On to the monument, then the lake. This little town has one heck of a history, living still through its ghosts. Our next stop, at Susan’s Courtyard Cafe, has also stayed with me. (18 South Orlando Ave Kissimmee 407-518-1150) Here you’ll hear of death and murder, while learning also that they serve good food (we’re planning to head back for the food), and trying to capture a spirit or two. Nothing on our photos, but it looks like a great place to eat.

Then to the Courthouse and stories of a headless horseman. Seriously - gross. This historic courthouse building, the oldest in the USA, is beautiful. We’re talking movie set quality, with a ghost or two to boot.

Next, the playground, at a funeral home. Yep, you read that correctly, playground at a funeral home. Cool. Not wanting young ones to have to deal with death, the good people who owned this place, put in a playground. (not giving away the story) A young girl who once played here, Isabella, still plays among the trees and swings.

This one is the place that touches you, but not with fear. Stand here where children laugh while other’s cry, and feel the circle of life. Feel it even more when you think of 7 year old Isabella, playing here still.

Assistant Laura (who has a motherly nurturing thing) sat on the swings where Isabella plays. I took one photo, then quickly (as quickly as our P&S lets) a second. Laura had started to talk to the little girl, asking if she wanted to play, and I’m not crazy and do swear, the swing beside her started to move (nope, no breeze) and in the second photo, a major orb! Way too cool!

We left our new little friend, and on to the last stop, a local church with history of its own.  Then our parting back at the fill’er up/ghost host starting point.

This evening with the living and the dead was not merely well worth it, it was everything I’d hoped it would be, and more. Never knew that Kissimmee had so much history, let alone the lingering stuff, but also, a great tour.  Ashley was a terrific story teller, and the stories and cast were extremely interesting.

Don’t forget the camera to capture your memories. Nope, they won’t all have something, but when they do, wow, its really cool.

Kissimmee Ghost Tours, Historic Kissimmee


421 Broadway Kissimmee

Reservations Required

Credit Cards accepted

weather allowing -

Nightly leaving at 8:30 pm

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